Softbank의 Sprint 인수

일본 재일교포인 손정의대표가 있는 Softbank 가 Sprint를 인수하려고 한다는 소문입니다

5위사업자인 MetroPCS도 동시인수 추진한다는 기사를 몇일전에 보았었는데, 지금은 MetroPCS는 T Mobile과 

연계가 되는것 같구요. 만약에 Softbank가 Sprint와 MetroPCS를 동시에 인수한다면 미국 시장점유율이 Verizon에 

이어서 2위로 단숨에 뛰어오르게 되는데, 아마도 적어도 Sprint는 인수하게 될것같은 모양새입니다.

일본내에서 경쟁이 심화되고 성장이 정체되는등에 따른 변화를 미국시장에 진출함으로써 개선하려는 생각을 

가지고 있나봅니다.

실은 미국도 통신사업체들이 많아서 통신사업체의 통합현상(Consolidation)이 진행되고 있는 중인데, 

Softbank가 가세함으로써 더욱 그 속도가 빨라지게될것 같습니다.

통신업체가 통폐합되면 그만큼 통신사업자의 Supplier power가 커짐으로인해서 IT업계에서 투자가 활발해지고,

 IT Device 제조사들에 대한 영향력이 막강하게 변할텐데요,

이에 따라 삼성,구글,애플,마이크로소프트등의 대응과 협력활동이 어떻게 변하게 될지 궁금해 집니다.

GAME-CHANGER IN US WIRELESS: Softbank Buys 70% Of Sprint

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Softbank and Sprint have reached a deal under which Softbank will pay $20 billion for a 70 percent stake in the wireless telecom operator, according to people close to the situation.

The deal is expected to be announced Monday morning and while certain details are still being worked out, the boards of both companies have signed off on a transaction under which Softbank will buy $8 billion worth of shares directly from Sprint [S  5.73    -0.03  (-0.52%)   ] and tender for another $12 billion worth of the shares from existing holders.

The price of the tender offer is $7.30 a share, a large premium to Sprint's current price. Given the deal's structure, it will not require a shareholder vote.

The equity being purchased directly by Softbank includes a $3 billion convertible bond purchase that is exercisable at $5.25 and will be sold well before the deal closes, in order to provide funds for Sprint as it moves towards purchasing the roughly 52 percent of Clearwire it does not already own.

Sprint Nextel
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Sprint Nextel Corp. sign is seen on the facade of a Sprint Nextel Corp. store in San Francisco, California.

While a Sprint purchase of Clearwire will not be announced Monday, Sprint is working on that deal and needs to insure the governance for Clearwire is in its control prior to closing the Softbank transaction.

The remaining $5 billion in primary equity being purchased by Softbank is likely to be purchased at $7.30 a share, although details are still being negotiated, said people familiar with the talks.

The purchase is a huge one for Softbank, which is essentially making a $20 billion gamble that it success in developing LTE wireless services in its home market of Japan can be translated to the U.S. Sprint, while the third largest wireless provider in the U.S., significantly trails the two market leaders, Verizon [VZ  44.62   -0.58  (-1.28%)   ]and AT&T [T  35.63    -0.63  (-1.74%)   ].

Softbank's hope, say people familiar with its strategy, is to build on Sprint's spectrum position, while hoping the company can further consolidate the wireless industry through acquisitions of more spectrum and other operators. The deal is expected to close in roughly six months.

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